Radically loved. Loving radically.

We believe that every person has a God given purpose, and it is our desire to help them discover what that purpose is through encountering the Holy Spirit. 1 John 4:19 says " We love because he first loved us". We have found this to be true; When you receive the love that God offers us you will  organically want to love others. Our response to God's love for us is to radically love others. This is the driving force behind our ministry and discipleship. We are not a cookie-cutter-church! Our desire is to help individuals accomplish their God given dreams and to be innovative in creating ministries that will help reach even more people for the kingdom of God.  Beginning September 2023 we will be furthering our efforts to help individuals discover their purpose by offering our newly developed DNA Course. For more information about how to be connected, discover your God given purpose, and to be a part of loving others radically feel free to contact jordan@crosspointaog.com

mission statement

Here at Crosspoint we are a family of believers who passionately worship God and care for others. Our desire it to point everyone to the saving cross of Jesus Christ through effective evangelism, one on one discipleship and service to those in our county. We beleive that God has even greater things in store for Southwestern Pennsylvania!


We live in a culture and a society that is passionate about many different things, but we here are passionate about the two Greatest commandments that Jesus gave us..."To love God, and to Love others." So out of the authentic and genuine love for God, we find such joy and passion in serving and ministering to those in our region that have physical, financial, emotional, relational, and spiritual needs. If you are looking for a ministry that is passionately pursuing the desires of our Heavenly Father, there is room for you to get plugged into one of our many yearly outreaches, and ongoing evangelism.