At Crosspoint, we believe in reaching people to reach their Godly purpose. So whether you are lead to serve by greeting, playing on the worship team, or one of our many other ways, there is something for everyone. We also know that God has given everyone special gifts and abilities, so if you have a passion that doesn't fully fit into a role we currently have, discuss it with a church leader! We want you to serve where your passion is!

Children's Ministry

Our children are the future leaders of our church. There may be no more important ministry than that of our children and we take raising the next generation very seriously. If children are your passion, then this may be the place for you. Our entire children's ministry team have passed state and federal background checks to ensure our children's safety. 

Hospitality Team

If you like people, then the hospitality team is the place for you. Whether it is greeting people as they come through our doors with a smile or giving a guided tour to new new visitors, if people are your passion, this is the place to start.

Worship Team

If you live to praise or have a passion for music, this is the team for you. Every service has a full band playing a variety of contemporary and new Christian hits.



Enjoy music but never learned an instrument? Perhaps you are just more comfortable operating behind the scenes to make the magic happen. However your passion leads you, this may be the team for you!


Our Parking Team was created for those who like to serve a little more behind the scenes, while still making a big impact. Over the past few years we have outgrown our current parking and have had to make room for additional parking, and as much as this is a GREAT problem to have it also comes with the great responsibility of making sure we have a safe and inviting atmosphere for all of our guests and regular attenders. We are currently looking to add to this team, so if you are interested in serving please contact us via phone or e-mail. 


Security and Safety are two of our top priorities for those whom we serve weekly. This team oversees the weekly services making Crosspoint a fun and safe environment. If you are interested in serving in a crucial yet behind the scenes roll, we would love to help you toward discovering your best fit. Simply e-mail Dean Campbell at for more information.